It’s been six weeks since returning to home ground after 30 days touring sacred and ancestral sites in Scotland and Ireland with my dear friend and sister empath, Mary Woloson. We were blessed with relatively good weather, stunning scenery, gentle folk and sweet connections with all we encountered.

Since returning, and especially around July 4th, I’ve been writing and rewriting to put into words the emotions and felt sense impacting my heart and nervous system caused by the daily travesties playing out in our country. While my essay in progress is over 1000 words it still comes up short. Perhaps it’s meant to be for my own processing, or maybe it’s meant for me to go deeper still and become even more vulnerable to share with you at a later date. To counterbalance the impact of these dark times, I am being led to “slow way down, turn inward, be kinder and gentler with myself and others and to find lightness of being.”

The language that comes more easily for me to express this is through the eyes of the heart, practicing Zen Contemplative Seeing or Visio Divina. So, this is what I offer you.  A dozen photographs from across the pond that speak to me about slowing down, being kinder, gentler and connecting more deeply with self, others and our surroundings.

Listen with your eyes… notice what you feel and what you hear. I find that my body and nervous system begin to relax as I gaze softly upon each image. A deeper sense of belonging to this world and all its beings arises within me. A sweetness bubbles up as I recall my human interaction with our natural world in those brief moments in time. I hope you too can feel some benefit from sitting with these images, and that you have photos of your own that you find some respite in. Nature Heals. Beauty Heals.

Rev. Lisa

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Photos ©2022 LjWinston except 1&8 ©Mary Woloson

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July 4th Instagram Post – Our Country Needs a Makeover

May today’s celebration one day become Inter-Dependence Day… when we honor and celebrate the interconnectedness of ALL beings in right relationship with our planet; when we celebrate TRUE equal rights, justice, liberty and freedom for ALL women, men, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, differently abled bodies, ALL faith traditions, the meek and the marginalized; when we celebrate a TRUE democracy with an updated constitution that reflects our modern times, and a government that works for ALL; when we celebrate our differences ending violence towards one another; when we celebrate reparations for our whitewashed history; when we celebrate peace rather than power, collaboration rather than competition, and compassion rather than vengeance. Until then, may we celebrate the beauty that nature still offers us as a healing balm for the brokenness in our country. That’s all I got …