Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts





I’m a Spiritual Director and ordained Interfaith Chaplain through The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA., where I am also an academic advisor and guest teacher. I am a graduate of the Nine Gates Mystery School, and I hold professional memberships with Spiritual Directors International (SDI), International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA), and the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).  My practice is based in the San Francisco Bay area where I live with my two feline companions, Richie and Margot.

“My greatest joy is companioning and guiding others to their unfolding wholeness, their interconnectedness with all things, and to witness their inner light, beauty, and wisdom shine.”  – Rev Lisa

Rev Lisa j Winston
Spiritual Companion/Guide, Healer, Interfaith Chaplain, Contemplative Photographer

If you are seeking a deeper connection with the sacred, are spiritually curious, fluid or wounded, I will walk with you. If you have had a near-death or spiritually transformative experience and are struggling with integration into daily life, I will walk with you. If you, or a loved-one, has a life-limiting illness, I will walk with you.  If you are contemplative, creative, interested in mysticism, or if nature is your church, I will walk with you. If you are a seminary or spiritual direction student, I will walk with you.  

In 2005 a near-death experience turned my world upside down and accelerated my quest to know my true soul-self. I have wandered the labyrinth of life for decades as a seeker, through spiritual trainings and direct experiences––from adventurous pilgrimages to mystery school and seminary, from life at an ashram to work as a hospital chaplain––only to find that what I was looking for was already inside my-Self. 

My wish is that we all walk in the world awake, connected with and respecting our inner truth, our fellow beings and the natural world around us. If you are as Rumi was, “a wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving,” let’s walk together.

Primary Lineages

  • Nine Gates Mystery School 
  • Zen Buddhist & Taoist Contemplative Seeing Practices
  • Aghor Yoga
  • Tree of Life / Kabbalah
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing





“Lisa’s Divine Sight arose from the devotion of a tenacious spirit longing to know the essential beauty that resides in every thing once it resides in the undivided heart of the seer.
Working with Lisa is a rigorous journey home to the emergent beauty of Self,
which is reflected everywhere.”

– Deborah Jones, Director, Nine Gates Mystery School