Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

For me, contemplative photography is a spiritual practice, providing respite from the noise, and communion with the Divine. When we focus on seeing through the lens of our heart, the nature of spirit and the spirit of nature opens, and the invisible becomes visible. Our inner and outer worlds are no longer separate, they become one. My mission is to "teach people to see," to live the embodiment of truth, beauty and goodness. Photography can be our reflection and our voice.

Three decades ago during a photography retreat in the Utah desert with John Telford, he offered this critique of my images, "You need to understand why your work is so Zen." Fifteen years later, during a contemplative workshop with Zen Abbott and master photographer John Daido Loori, I began to understand. Daido's way of seeing, and his Zen of Creativity taught me to align my eyes, mind and heart within a quiet, still inner space, allowing me to express my Self more authentically and intentionally. I am Zen.

As a creative and spiritual guide, I love sharing how each of us can connect with and express our inner wisdom, our true nature, through our own Divine Sight. Whether you are new to photography or an old pro, I hope the images here inspire you to see-beyond-seeing, to discover the sacred in the mundane, and to delight in the awe and wonder this world has to offer. Enjoy!  Hundreds of my images are accessible for FREE at

The Nature of Spirit / The Spirit of Nature™


"One of the remarkable things about Lisa's photographs is the amount of presence that emanates from them. She has a gift for capturing the eternal.
Whether a close up detail of the heart of a flower, a sweeping vista or gentle curl of a leaf,
I am always moved by her work. Seeing her photographs reminds me of the tender beauty
I am always surrounded by as I go through my days, and helps me remember to slow down enough to notice and be nourished by it."

Christine Tulis, Sound Temple Music and Healing Arts.