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Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

November: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS Dear Friends and Families, I’ve known this day would come since a CT scan in April. On Friday December 8, I will have surgery at UCSF in San Francisco. It will take about 4 hours to repair my hernia(s) and reconstruct my abdominal wall. After which, I’ll be bionic, [...]

October: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS Faint bird song filters in, they, having found new trees to call home as the autumn air crisps, and the sun slows its stream through the window shades. Cats curl up closer, christening the new comforter. Coffee cup warms my hands, clenched jaw locked again. I could feel it [...]

September: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS Autumn Equinox Everything has changed. Yesterday they cut down three trees across the alley from my balcony. I cried, because there will be no more morning bird song. Now, totally exposed, I look at the back of neighborhood garages, and hear nothing but street noise. I thought we learned [...]

August: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS I’m still learning…  the calls of the wild, the oracle of ancient trees, the buzz of the bees, screech of the hawk and owl… On her spring calendar, my mother marked the day each species of bird returned: robin, bluebird, junco, sparrow, the wild geese, her favorite. Even though [...]

July: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS I met the not-knowing fear in the fullness of my mother’s eyes, as she lay dying, denying, whimpering love and sputtering anger neither of us knew how to handle. All I could do was anoint her feet. I met the not-knowing on the summit of Kilimanjaro, exhausted and wondering [...]

June: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS June has been a big month, from my birthday and life celebrations, to deaths and dying. The intimate day-to-day life stuff happening against the backdrop of non-stop news of  indictments, coups, wars, underwater disasters, supreme court decisions etc. Hope you all are holding up in your day-to-day life. We [...]

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