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Returning to Home Ground – Slow Down, Turn Inward

It’s been six weeks since returning to home ground after 30 days touring sacred and ancestral sites in Scotland and Ireland with my dear friend and sister empath, Mary Woloson. We were blessed with relatively good weather, stunning scenery, gentle folk and sweet connections with all we encountered. Since returning, [...]

Homage to John O’Donohue

The writing of Irish philosopher-poet, John O’Donohue, has long influenced my spiritual path and way of seeing the world. In my view, and I know I’m not alone in this, all of his books are sacred texts, and they all grace my bookshelf, most with pages dog-eared and written on. [...]

A little piece of magic from Ireland

“Let’s take a moment to settle into our chairs, relax our shoulders, take a breath, feel the chair beneath your seat and the ground beneath your feet. Now from the base of your spine or your feet, begin to send a tap root down into the earth, as a grounding [...]

36,000 Feet Over Black and White

36,000 feet over the Rocky Mountains and all I see is how much the snowcapped landscape  looks like the ocean, the ocean that birthed this very earth billions of years ago. Familiar peaks and valleys, uplifts and plateaus, rivers and ridges explored during my two miniscule decades at home [...]

Year End 2021

The NY Times this week labelled the malaise we’re all feeling in this second year of covid as languishing, the definition of which I like the most is; to become dispirited. That feels pretty accurate to me. So rather than sugar coat a social media post, I thought I’d [...]

Morning Meandering Jan 03, 2021

Sunday Morning Meandering Haiku - Cloud walk after rain. Smell of wet eucalyptus. January Spring.  This morning's cloud-like atmosphere with soft light, muffled sounds and mist that dampened my hair, felt both mysterious and comforting. Walking has kept me sane during Covid lock down, and it relaxes and grounds [...]

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