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Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

May: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS I wrote this poem during a Wild Writing session after attending The Chaplaincy Institute spring retreat. AND, as serendipity would have it while enjoying a coffee at Peets in Berkeley, the day after the retreat, I met Wild Writing teacher/coach, Laurie Wagner in person. It was such a sweet [...]

April: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS Here are a couple of April poems from the Wild Writing program and community I've been in since December. I'm really loving this creative, cathartic, healing outlet. Another form of Beauty as Medicine! I Thought I Was Going Somewhere I thought I was going somewhere in my youth Somewhere, [...]

March: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS My intention is to include a piece of raw, unedited "Wild Writing" each month.  This month I missed 2 weeks of sessions. One week because I met up with my brother, Andy and his wife Cheryl in San Diego for a few days, the longest time together since our [...]

February: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS February Wild Writing unedited piece. The prompt was "Have you ever..." Have you ever just stopped… dead in your tracks… and listened to your heart? Have you ever seen a really good-looking man across the room, or bar… the one so good looking that you know you’d never approach [...]

January: Words – Pictures – Ideas

WORDS Toward the end of 2022 I enrolled in a virtual writing program, 27 days of Wild Writing with poet and writing coach, Laurie Wagner. It became a sacred practice each morning after breakfast, and I found that I missed it when it was over. So, on Dec 30, I [...]

2022 Year-End Favorite Pics

Wishing everyone rest, renewal, peace and love during this holiday season of light. Blessed Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkuh, Merry Christmas, Habari gani Kwanzaa.  My offering to you is the following collection of images from the year. Combing through a few thousand photos, I narrowed it down to these 36 favorites. [...]

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