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Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

Stepping into the Unknown

IMG 6506 web When are we not stepping into the unknown? How do we approach that, with enthusiasm or dread? Sometimes we find not knowing an adventure, exciting even. Sometimes we're filled with anxiety. The truth is, we wake every morning to the unknown day ahead, and yet [...]

Rev. Lisa j Winston photographs now accessible via Pexels 📸 

Friends, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about legacy and gifts, as one does when one moves closer to elder-hood and friends begin to take their leave of this earthly plane. What do I want to leave this world? My childhood dream of being a National Geographic photographer faded long [...]

Time Travel in Scotland & Ireland

00 Kilmartin Glen 3723 Traveling around Scotland and Ireland truly feels as if you are time traveling. Some of the ruins are in remote areas with few if any visitors during the off season, which makes them feel all the more ancient.  One can't help but be awestruck [...]

Interview by MysticMag

I was recently interviewed by MysticMag.com about Tending to the Soul. You can read the interview HERE.  Mystic Mag Interview

Ruins and Portals – Ireland

During our travels around Ireland in May we had the opportunity to visit quite a few ruins. Some were on our planned itinerary, such as Cong Abbey and the Rock of Cashel. Others were happy accidents, the Neale Church and the Bective Abbey, found along the road as we meandered [...]

Stained Glass Windows of Harry Clarke

What a find!!  To experience the beauty and learn of the stained glass windows of Harry Clarke. Harry Clarke 1889-1931, was a prolific illustrator and stained glass artist during the arts and crafts movement in Dublin, Ireland. During his short life Clarke created over 160 stained glass windows for religious [...]

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