Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

Photographs for meditation, healing and well being.

Wisdom flows through us when we open our eyes, mind and heart. These images are evocative and can be powerfully healing, as well as beautiful to look at. Look into them deeply. Listen to them. Feel them. Meditate with each one and see what comes up for you. Notice any emotion, felt-sense or wisdom that arises when you spend time with each one. Just notice, with no judgment.

Each photo is infused with Goddess energy from a variety of world wisdom traditions. They depict my deep interconnection with Mother Nature and the healing that she offers me. The Goddess mantras that accompany them can ignite and empower your own quiet inner knowing. Focus first on an image that resonates with you. Then try repeating the mantra while you meditate on the photo. Perhaps a mantra of your own will reveal itself.

If you would like to learn how to engage more with this art form and create your own healing masterpieces, I would be honored to work with you.

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery. All images are © LjW Divine Sight