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Rev Lisa - Spiritual Companion/Guide, Healer, Interfaith Chaplain

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Is Spirit whispering to you? Are you searching for a deeper connection with your Soul-Self, with other beings, or with nature? Sometimes our faith needs tender care, or gentle guidance. And if we're dealing with oppression, grief and loss, dying and death, or integrating transformative or near-death experiences into our daily life it's helpful to have someone to walk with us. My offering to you is to be a conduit for Spirit as a companion, guide, healer or chaplain.

I invite you to meander through my website, feel into the words and feast on the images. If what you experience resonates with you, then I look forward to hearing from you. I will accompany you on your journey, from an open heart, with deep compassion and spaciousness. I will walk with you.


"Lisa's spiritual companionship provided me with a safe space to be seen, heard and supported. She's a wonderful listener with a deep and innate wisdom that reflects the sacred within all of us. I highly recommend her spiritual care and guidance."

- T.P. Boulder, CO


I offer a hybrid form of spiritual companioning and guidance. In addition to deep listening and inquiry, sessions may include art making, divination, guided meditation, energy healing and walks in nature.

Celebrating and ritualizing life’s milestones honors and connects us with family, friends, community, Spirit and our ancestors. As an Interfaith Chaplain/Minister I would be honored to co-create ceremonies with you.


Contemplative photography as a spiritual practice, provides respite from the noise and communion with the Divine.
Seeing through the lens of our heart, the nature of spirit and the spirit of nature opens, and the invisible becomes visible.

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Three Houses of Worship 1800 1200

Three Houses of Worship in Scotland

While in Scotland last April, we visited three of its historical holy sites. Saint Giles Cathedral, Iona Abbey, and Rosslyn Chapel. Saint Giles is one of the most magnificent churches I’ve ever visited. As I watched on the tele, the vigil of Queen Elizabeth’s casket at Saint Giles, I found myself transported back into that glorious sacred space.

Shieldaig Lodge 1 1800x1200

Landscapes of Scotland

This is the first in a series of posts from a Spring trip to Scotland and Ireland. Our time in Scotland was primarily spent touring the Highlands and the Isle of Skye, with a few days in Edinburgh. I invite you to pause, lean into the written word, read it out loud. Step into each photograph, visualize yourself transported.


36,000 Feet Over Black and White

36,000 feet over the Rocky Mountains and all I see is how much the snowcapped landscape looks like the ocean, the ocean that birthed this very earth billions of years ago. Familiar peaks and valleys, uplifts and plateaus, rivers and ridges explored during my two miniscule decades at home in Colorado become abstract art through the camera lens.

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“To contemplate being one with the infinitely minuscule and the infinitely vast, seen and unseen, is a mystery and a delight that I am happy to share and explore with anyone seeking right relationship with Self, our fellow beings and the natural world."

- Rev Lisa