LjW Divine Sight • Transformational Guidance

Would you like to experience more beauty, truth and goodness in your life? Are you ready to honor your Inner Wisdom? 

If you answer YES, bring your open heart, mind and willingness to explore as we embark on a fresh way of seeing and being. I offer small group retreats and one-on-one guidance, using creative, sacred and healing art.

  • Discover Your Own Inner Wisdom

  • Amplify Your Authentic Self

  • Realize Your Vision

  • Engage Your Full Potential

  • Be Inspired to Take Action

  • Know That You Are Not Alone

  • Trust Your Process

Lisa not only makes you feel immediately comfortable, she is delightfully engaging. With her years of amazing direct experience and training, she brings a wealth and depth of knowledge I feel few people possess. I am honored to know her as a friend, teacher and colleague. Her wisdom and light enhances my life greatly. – Meredith Bressie-Herrenbruck,  Author, Speaker, NLP and Huna Practitioner

May 17-23, 2020- Sisters of Spirit™ • Hawaii Details HERE!!!

About Lisa

“My greatest joy is guiding others to express, comfort and heal themselves through creative, sacred and healing arts, and to see their inner light, beauty, and wisdom shine.” – Rev Lisa

Rev Lisa

Rev Lisa j Winston – In 2005 I had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) during which I learned that my old way of life was done, and I was to “teach people to see.” Giving up almost every aspect of my way of life at the time, I took a deep dive into spiritual studies: Nine Gates Mystery School esoteric wisdom traditions, Tree of Life/Kabbalah, the Aghor Yoga tradition, Zen Buddhism and more. I became certified in Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, BTB Feng Shui and Spiritual Psychology. I attended seminary, receiving my interfaith ordination through The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA, where I am currently in training for Spiritual Direction. Along my journey I’ve experienced a variety of sacred service and work, from living at an ashram to hospital chaplaincy.

On the creative side of life, I’ve traveled the world photographing the Spirit of Place. Nature and Zen inform the aesthetics of my fine art photography, and a memoir is in the works. I also do graphic design and layout for books, email marketing platforms and WordPress websites. I live with my feline companions, Richie & Margot.