Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts


Spiritual Care & Guidance, Healing, Chaplain/Ministerial Services

Drawing on two decades of training, my own life experience, and with the guidance of Divine Presence, I accompany you from an empathic, open heart, with deep compassion, whether we are tending to soul work, communing with family, preparing for transitions, or exploring the wisdom of nature.

Tending to the Soul

Love your truest Human-Soul Self I offer spiritual companioning and guidance embracing creative, sacred and healing arts in reflective conversation, deep inquiry and divination.

Celebrating Family | Community

Ceremonies, Celebrations, Rituals Honoring life’s milestones and transitions, we co-create ceremonies and rituals for weddings, births, deaths, grief and loss, near-deaths, awakenings, and life’s many mysteries.

Beauty as Medicine

Connect with Mother Earth and All Her Beings Practicing contemplative seeing and deep listening to nature's wisdom, we encounter the interconnection of our inner and outer worlds.

“Lisa not only makes you feel immediately comfortable, she is delightfully engaging. With her years of amazing direct experience and training, she brings a wealth and depth of knowledge I feel few people possess. I am honored to know her as a friend, teacher and colleague. Her wisdom and light enhances my life greatly."

- Meredith Herrenbruck, Author, Speaker, NLP and Huna Practitioner