Caring for the Soul through Creative, Sacred, Healing Arts

“Ceremony is a vehicle for belonging—to a family, to a people, to a land."

- Robin Wall Kimmerer

Celebrating Family Community

Celebrating and ritualizing life’s milestones honors and connects us with family, friends, community, Spirit and even our ancestors. I would be delighted to co-create a ceremony with you, whether a wedding, or hand fasting; a memorial service or celebration of life; a birthday, baptism, or blessing; a seasonal or holiday ceremony.

If a loved one is in need of end-of life spiritual care, or your family needs support around an impending death I can help you prepare. My own near-death experience and training as a hospital chaplain, have given me insight into how to be with dying and death, sitting vigil and providing grief support during and after loss.

As a spiritually independent Interfaith Chaplain, I primarily serve the secular, those who are spiritual but not religious, inter-spiritual, and those with mystical or esoteric leanings, and… I honor all faith traditions.