Faint bird song filters in, they,
having found new trees to call home
as the autumn air crisps, and the sun slows
its stream through the window shades.
Cats curl up closer, christening the new comforter.
Coffee cup warms my hands,
clenched jaw locked again.
I could feel it coming this time.
I lace up my well-worn walking shoes,
new ones perched under the shelf, still unsullied.
An eight-point buck startles me,
only a few feet away.
I try to discourage him from crossing the street,
to no avail. Thankfully traffic stops.
Saint Miguel, the crossing guard in neon yellow,
greets me with a smile
“You’re happy today,” he says.
I tell him my pink sweatshirt makes me happy,
and let him hold my hand to cross the street.
“See you tomorrow,” he says.
Water, from last night’s rain, puddles
on the polished black marble sarcophagus.
I circle, marveling at the reflecting blue sky,
American flag,
one tiny curled up leaf,
and how black the black is in the shadows,
not blue-black like in the sun.
Grateful that these moments of beauty
keep my mind from thoughts
of war, climate collapse, a sense of
impending doom.
Only three weeks ago
we released your ashes into the sea.
Our government, still speaker-less.
Terrorists murder innocents.
We tally the hottest year on record.
See how we are in it?
There are no winners.

Inspiration from Wild Writing Practice poem An Entrance, by Marlina Morling

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While September marked the turn toward fall on the calendar, October made the full commitment. So much energy swirling about the cosmos. The solar eclipse left me feeling unmoored. Unstable. Like gravity was temporarily suspended. In this dimension, my illusion of control shattered once again as I tried to push, to make things happen within a dysfunctional health care system as I prepare for a December surgery. Lesson received again–have patience. Trust. All will unfold as it will. The Lunar eclipse seemed to close the portal that had opened, relaxing inner tensions, allowing me to get out of my own way, accepting what is.

The weather and the ocean changed with October’s arrival. Pacific swells brought big waves and higher tides. Night time temps dropped into the 40s. Leaves curled and fell unceremoniously. Listening to my Autumn body, and to all the signals received, I sensed too much stress. A trip long planned back East, canceled, opening space for sacred time and rest.

October was also full of ceremonies. Letting go into the ethers the precious souls of spiritual teachers and Nine Gates Mystery School founders. A celebration, and a mourning. Ashes info fire, and water. Water onto trees. Mother Nature’s elements bearing witness while soaking up our grief. Navaratri, anchored the month, a blessed time of nine days and nights of silence, in communion with the Divine Mother in all her forms. Candles burned each night in my temple living room where I slept, so that I could sit at my altar in prayer during the wee hours. The Chaplaincy Institute ordained five interfaith goddesses on the full (eclipsed) moon, with beloved community as witness. We celebrated their rebirth into the thinning of the veils between worlds, all of them more than ready.

Instability, violence and fear reigned. On a holy day, terror struck and war rose its ugly head again in the Middle East. There will be no winners. Yet, there’s still opportunity for hope and peace and a solution to live and let live. The republican lead US house of representatives chose a MAGA extremist as the person 2nd in line to the presidency. Our democracy teeters on a precipice, and no judge seems willing to jail the greatest offender/pretender of all time. Gun madness continues with 566 mass shooting in our country so far this year. Our systems are crumbling around us.

Death dances daily, knocking on all our doors. If we invite it in, rather than turn away, we have the opportunity to wake up to life. This is the time of year to honor our ancestors, familial and chosen. Call on them for guidance and support. They are right here, still, ready to help if only you ask. May however you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos shine your light into the darkness.

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen, Anthem

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Lisa

Spiritual Companion/Guide, Healer,
Interfaith Chaplain, Contemplative Photographer

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“The earth is full of thresholds where beauty awaits the wonder of our gaze.” John O’Donohue