Part 6 – From Spirit to Matter

Divine • Light • Mandalas  – Cosmic Consciousness Through the Chakras

Portals of Ascension

Seven years after my near-death-experience (NDE) I moved from Colorado to California to study more deeply with the spiritual teachers I had met through Mystery School. Seeking that Divine connection, that feeling of oneness, I continued my training in world wisdom traditions, spiritual psychology, Reiki crystal healing, and our Chakra system, becoming a skilled healer.

As often happens with near-death-experiencers (NDERs), in spite of the fact that I had a spiritual community, I didn’t feel like I truly belonged. Solitary, contemplative time exploring with my camera was my preferred way to ground into a sense of belonging with myself and my environment. To avoid increasing isolation, I sought connection with other photographers. During a short-lived stint with a photo club, I met someone who, like me, found photography both grounding and uplifting, and a way to create a deeper connection with self and others.

She also loved to photograph holiday lights, so we played with what I call “Camera Dancing™” ––moving the camera liberally, while using a slow shutter speed. It was so much fun! When I looked at the original images in photoshop, I thought kaleidoscope!  I mirrored each photo once, then twice. Amazing portals appeared! Spirit took over the process and the images came to life. I experimented meditating with them and found that I could unblock and re-energize stuck energy in my chakras, from root to crown. This collection has become one of my many creative, sacred, healing art tools I share with others.

Movement and mirror imaging come together to create Divine • Light • Mandalas

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Transformative art must express something beyond where you are, it demands that you grow beyond your current self. This is where an artist’s angst and the pain of transformation coincide. You reach toward the true, the good and the beautiful and become a better person through the struggle.
—Alex Grey, artist

Holiday Message

May all beings be well, may all prayers be answered and may blessings reign upon the earth.

And in Leonard Cohen’s words…
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

May we BE the light…

Mother’s Day

Love is in the details…

On a stair between the 2nd and 3rd floors in one stairwell at the hospital is this heart, a mere scrape in the paint. And yet, I notice it every day, every time I take the stairs. It’s maybe an inch across. Anyway, today I took this picture on my way home after baptizing a precious baby girl in the labor and delivery department. She and her mom and grandma were stunningly beautiful.


And Happy Full Moon!!!

How auspicious to launch this new year with a ‘super’ full moon Jan 1!  AND…there are two full moons in January (none in Feb) and two again in March!!  Only happens every 25 years or so. © 2018 Rev. Lisa j Winston

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A Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving 2009 – This was written while still living in Boulder, CO shortly after completing Part 2 of Nine Gates Mystery School. I recently re-discovered it in my archives and felt the gratitude all over again from the memories that keep on giving.

Wow…what an incredible Thanksgiving morning this is!

As I sit drinking my coffee and reading the November issue of Shambala Sun cover-to- cover, in silence, other than the quiet hum of the dishwasher running. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Every article in the magazine stirs deep feelings and the sensation that you are all with me this morning. Knowing pours in through my wide-open crown chakra…dizzying.

One article in particular about sunrise reminded me of how many spectacular and memorable sunrises I’ve seen in my life and how much more important each one is today. Sunrise has blessed me from the top of Kilimanjaro in Africa and Longs Peak in Colorado, from windows overlooking vineyards in Italy, and a hospital room in Boulder, to tent doors on the edge of red-rock canyons and deep in alpine forests. Dawn has greeted me on the beaches of Hawaii, Cape Cod and Key West, on the tundra above the Arctic Circle and in a “circle-of-souls” at Joshua Tree. And every day I awake at home I can watch the sun rise in the east and it’s light kiss the mountaintops to the west.

Last night, minutes after the sun sank, I stood in the center of the cul-de-sac and watched the space station and the shuttle chase each other through the night sky. They appeared as two stars, miles apart, but moving as one. And I wondered what early civilizations thought, if/when they saw two stars traveling together?

How big we are…how small we are…how Here we are… I give thanks to all that is, and to all of you, for you are all in my heart this day.


Sun Up on Ring Mountain

Sun Up on Ring Mountain