From Spirit to Matter – A  Photographic Journey of Inquiry and Integration After a Near-Death Experience, by Rev. Lisa j Winston

Each summer I teach a class on the Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) for the Being with Dying and Death course at The Chaplaincy Institute. And, each year the class is different, depending upon what’s coming up for students in their pre-class writing assignments. As chaplains and spiritual care providers we are most interested in how to support those struggling with integrating these spiritually transformative experiences into their daily lives. Rather than tell the story of my NDE as I have in the past, I shared how I came to make meaning of my experience, and how it continues to live in me each day. 

From Spirit to Matter tells the story of my integration process using photography and writing to help make meaning of my NDE in 2005 and almost spans 15 years. I’ve come to realize that you never “get over” your NDE, you simply live into it. 

I’m now making the high resolution PDF file of the book available. If you choose to download and are able to pay $20 (or whatever you can offer), please send to my Zelle or Paypal account at  lisajwinston@ljwdivinesight.comPlease also honor my © and not reproduce any part without permission. 

If you, or someone you know, is working through integrating an NDE, an STE, or coping with a terminal illness I’m available as a spiritual companion and guide to assist.  Please reach out. You can learn more HERE.


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From Spirit to Matter

From Spirit to Matter