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Part 7 – From Spirit to Matter

Wabi-Sabi – Nature’s Imperfection Seeing What Is  Two years into California life I still felt unsettled, ungrounded. I had studied with amazing spiritual teachers, taken a trip around the world and photographed to my heart’s content. I was still living off of savings, not working. I sought advice from one of my teachers, guru Babaji, and decided to go back…

Sisters of Spirit Retreat – more photos

Our Sisters of Spirit group had many quiet introspective moments in nature, receiving her abundant beauty and wisdom. As we slowed our pace and took the time to see, hear, feel, drink her in…more was revealed…sometimes in whispered mist, other times in hurtling surf. Over the course of the week we began to unfurl like the ferns, each opening to…

Back from Sisters of Spirit Hawaiian Retreat

Back from SOS retreat in Hawaii… We were blessed to squeeze it in between Hurricanes. Mahalo to ALL who supported Kauakea, me and our Sisters of Spirit. Here are a handful of teaser photos. More to come later, still processing! Please send prayers to the islands as they endure the torrential rains of Hurricane Lane.