Zen-Dozen: Spring Seeing thru the Heart Chakra

As a practitioner of creative, sacred and healing arts,  I’ve come to appreciate our subtle-body energy system, our chakras, as portals of perception, that sense energetic vibrations above and beyond our primary senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. These vibrations contribute to our thoughts, feelings and actions, so very often our inner and outer landscapes reflect each other, whether we are consciously aware or not.

On Valentine’s Day I had an episode of heart palpitations that felt like an explosion of butterflies in my chest. I had no pain or other symptoms, but I did have this odd sensation of my heart being both separate from me and thoroughly of me. It lasted long enough for me to call 911 and make a trip to the ER. Not life threatening according to the cardiologist, and still those butterflies changed my inner landscape with my heart, physically and energetically. I am now in a conscious dialogue with her, and she reaffirmed my calling to walk in the beauty and wonder of our world and to share that walk with others.

These photographs illustrate seeing through the portal of my heart chakra on meditative, meandering walk-abouts. The Anahata/heart chakra is represented by the color green, by the element air, gemstones such as Emerald, Peridot, Rose Quartz, and the seed sound “Yam”… Try looking at these images through your heart –seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing, the new growth of green leaves, flowers blooming, light changing, that air warming– breathe slowly and deeply and just notice what comes up for you…

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And Happy St. Patrick’s Day too!

Easter – Passover – Full Blue Moon – April Fools Day

These are powerful and blessed energies that have converged this weekend. Easter, Passover, a Full Blue Moon and even April Fools Day offer us the opportunity for renewal and rebirth; an opportunity to expand our vision and maybe shift our way of seeing. Many people these days are spiritual but not religious, or secular and non-religious. Some have wounds or carry baggage around religion. Some feel the Sacred in nature. I heard this comment the other day and it resonated with me, so I thought I would pass it along and invite your consideration…  “If the word G-O-D triggers you or doesn’t fit your belief system, try replacing it with A-W-E.” I am always looking for new ways to see and experience Spirit in our world. Part of my practice is to be on the lookout for moments of A-W-E and to find beauty in the mundane. When we are able to stop, take a breath and give ourselves a moment to pause and ground, we create space for A-W-E. My gift this very special Sunday is a small collection of photos taken these past few days where I work, at Marin General Hospital.

May we receive this first day of April and every day with gratitude and grace.

Blessings, Rev. Lisa

Happy First Day of Spring!

These photos were taken recently around Point Reyes, the Marin Headlands and Sonoma County, CA.

Click on any image to view the gallery. All images infused with Spirit and ©2018 LjWinston/LjW DivineSight.

Spring Equinox Blessing

May all the seeds we plant grow to abundant fruition. May our dreams and aspirations be fulfilled in the coming months. May our hearts open every wider, and may we truly See the Divine in Every Thing and Every One. May it be so.   Happy Spring!



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All photos infused with Spirit and ©2017, Rev. Lisa j Winston

The Beauty of a wet, green, early spring

Beauty invites us towards profound elegance of soul. It reminds us that we are heirs to elegance and nobility of spirit and encourages us to awaken the Divinity within us. – John O’Donohue, Celtic Mystic, Author & Poet

He who realizes the inner beauty of his Self realizes the mystery of God. – Guru Babaji, Sonoma Ashram

These photos were taken in and around Sonoma Ashram during a rare day of no rain. The Beauty of the Divine in so many forms, if we only choose to really SEE It–new grass sprouts where there was merely dirt and mud. Blossoms burst forth for bees to bumble in, where bare twigs trembled only days ago. Old leaves decay to create food for pollywogs. An oil slick on still water reflects clouds. The limbs of a gnarly tree dance a tango against a gray sky. Life giving water; reflecting, still, flowing. And in SEEing It, we become one with It and our outer and inner worlds merge. Blessings on this rainy February day.

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All photos infused with spirit and ©2017 Rev. Lisa j Winston/LjW DivineSight