Sunday Morning Meandering Haiku – Cloud walk after rain. Smell of wet eucalyptus. January Spring. 

This morning’s cloud-like atmosphere with soft light, muffled sounds and mist that dampened my hair, felt both mysterious and comforting. Walking has kept me sane during Covid lock down, and it relaxes and grounds me before the chaos of the day begins. Part of the practice of Zen seeing as a walking meditation is intentional meandering, gazing and listening widely, allowing an instant in your surroundings to capture you. Perhaps it’s a flash of light, color, texture, or a sound or smell that turns your head and you give it your full attention. Another way to consider this practice is to approach it with beginner’s mind or child-mind, feeling the awe and wonder of every new discovery with all your senses. Rather than taking (with your eyes or your camera), you receive what is being offered, asking permission and giving thanks.  The Nature of Spirit/The Spirit of Nature™ reveals herself for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. As you peruse the photographs below I invite you to ask, “What emotion comes up for me? What thoughts arise that might lead to a deeper connection or inquiry? Where do I feel it in my body?”  No judgement. Be curious, and just notice. Thanks for walking with me.  #EnJoy #BeautyHeals #NatureHeals #MorningMeanderings #ZenSeeing

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