Take a “beauty” break from the Chaos

Pictures are worth 1000 words. TENS of thousands of words have been penned to accompany the disturbing images of the powerful angry white men in our “reality-TV-show-government” yelling and sniveling, coming unhinged in public for all the world to witness. Just seeing those photos of rage, let alone hearing the lack of civility in those voices, has triggered memories of acts of violence for many (of us) who have been violated.

To comfort my own anger, despair, frustration, sadness and yes PTSD, I turned to mother nature, where I found peace, and strength and hope in the silence and beauty she offered. I’m very aware that it is a gift, a luxury, to be able to go to the woods or a stream or a beach to seek solace. So I say thank you to everyone who continues posting images and words of beauty, joy, peace, love and inspiration. We SO need that, now more than ever.

I share this gem from today. I invite you take a moment to pause, take a breath, and in a few seconds of silence, sink into the tenderness this Morning Glory holds. Be kind to yourself and take a wee break from the chaos…

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Morning Glory

Autumn’s Arrival in Sonoma

Enjoy these recent photos of what I see day-to-day in and around home at the Sonoma Ashram and along Sonoma backroads. Grapevines and trees are just starting to turn. I love the warm autumn light, the shorter days and longer shadows. Feels good to be turning toward Autumn.

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All photos ©2016 LjWinston/LjW DivineSight


The New Year Celebration Within

I write and post this (quite clumsily) from my iPad as my laptop screen died yesterday. As I reflect on the spectacular year that was, this hiccup with technology gives me pause to give many thanks to all the wonderful BEINGS that bless my life. May 2014 be full of love, light and laughter.  XO Lisa

Happy New Year

Happy New Year