After Paris our team traveled to Barcelona, where our individual transformation continued, as we danced with the dark and the light energy of both the city and our selves.  We visited and meditated in Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia cathedral several times, spent a day at the Olympic village beach where Megan, Jim and Jake drummed for local TV, and witnessed an intense Flamenco performance.

It was in Barcelona that we decided not to go on to Tokyo.That we would explore Girona, Spain and the Languedoc region of Southern France following the footsteps of Kabbalistic Mystics and the Christian Cathars, searching for clues as to why we had really all come together on this Grand Adventure. Not that we found any clear answers about that necessarily. We did discover and experience the energy of the eons-long struggle between the persecuted and persecutors particularly during the time of the Crusades. We also had much FUN, celebrating a birthday, singing for hours, and finding our name-sake locations and signs.

Back in Barcelona, our group separated–three stayed to continue their work there, before heading home to Hong Kong, and the four of us from San Francisco traveled to Kyoto, Japan. The city of 1000 temples and 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites did not disappoint. We visited as many temples and gardens, and ate as much Sushi, as we could possibly pack into six days. My experience in Kyoto was of the Japanese culture of spirit, honor, and intention integrated into every day life even amidst the hustle and bustle of the city: from pristinely pruned Zen gardens to the Tea Ceremony; from courteous bows and clean streets, to no car horns honking.

Back in the states just over a month from this Grand Adventure, I am still processing and integrating what I experienced and learned, and will most likely continue to do so for quite some time, and  I am sifting through thousands of  photographs. As I write this (062213), I still haven’t settled into a home in the Bay Area…and the meaning of ‘home’ appears to be one of my big lessons these past many months. What I’m learning is that ‘home’ is not a place out there…it’s right here, in the heart. And… how this Grand Adventure we call LIFE flows for each of us is largely dependent upon how we choose TO SHOW UP and TO BE… AT HOME… IN OUR HEARTS in each moment…or not…

All photographs © LjWinston 2013 Rights Reserved