Beauty invites us towards profound elegance of soul. It reminds us that we are heirs to elegance and nobility of spirit and encourages us to awaken the Divinity within us. – John O’Donohue, Celtic Mystic, Author & Poet

He who realizes the inner beauty of his Self realizes the mystery of God. – Guru Babaji, Sonoma Ashram

These photos were taken in and around Sonoma Ashram during a rare day of no rain. The Beauty of the Divine in so many forms, if we only choose to really SEE It–new grass sprouts where there was merely dirt and mud. Blossoms burst forth for bees to bumble in, where bare twigs trembled only days ago. Old leaves decay to create food for pollywogs. An oil slick on still water reflects clouds. The limbs of a gnarly tree dance a tango against a gray sky. Life giving water; reflecting, still, flowing. And in SEEing It, we become one with It and our outer and inner worlds merge. Blessings on this rainy February day.

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All photos infused with spirit and ©2017 Rev. Lisa j Winston/LjW DivineSight