Yesterday I invested in sacred self-care, tending to and mourning old wounds, traumas and disappointments –attuning my heart-mind with mother nature for her healing wisdom.  I invite you to unplug from the insanity in the world right now… as it appears it will continue.  Take time. Practice Self compassion and regenerate your courage and strength in the quiet beauty of nature. What we cultivate within, radiates out…

Walk gently.     Stop. Look. Listen. Feel. Breathe.      Repeat.

I share with you, what was offered to me:

The Yearling



Deer – a doe and two young ones, their loving message as they patiently allowed me to be right next to them, “Be gentle with yourself.”




Two Ravens


Two Ravens – enjoying the sun at the beach, cawed, “Dear One, You carry the shapeshifting magic within to create your own life.”





Snowy Egret


Snowy Egret – standing tall amongst the rocks, diligently stalking small fish for lunch, agreed,  “Summon your determination and self-reliance. Never give up.”







Hummingbird – busily flitting to and fro, drinking the nectar of life added,  “You, who are fiercely independent, remember to also be playful and full of joy.”






A flock of Geese – gathered in pairs near a ‘heart’ tree, reminded me, “Do not fear venturing solo into the unknown, as you are never truly alone.


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With thanks to Ted Andrews for the wisdom of Animal Speak.