This past weekend I was honored to participate in the wedding ceremony of two dear friends, Meredith Bressie and Marc Herrenbruck, both Nine Gates Mystery School graduates. The couple asked me to help create and hold space as well as deliver the invocation. Meredith and I had designed a circular seating pattern reminiscent of a labyrinth, that guests would enter in a clockwise spiral to take their seats, thereby helping to create the energy for the sacred ceremony. The circle also included an outer ring of empty chairs representing the spirits of loved ones who couldn’t be present.

When they asked me to deliver the invocation, Marc requested that I walk around the circle at the same time. I’m thinking…oh boy, what to do, as I’d written and rehearsed the invocation (knowing it would change once I started talking) but hadn’t considered that I might be talking and walking at the same time.

The morning before the wedding, I drove north to Calistoga, looking for a particular gift and not finding it. As I wandered around town, I came across this sweet labyrinth in a scruffy parking lot. Admiring her lines, I couldn’t help but be pulled in, and when I reached the yin/yang center, I stopped, grounded myself and  asked…why am I here? What are you trying to tell me? Quite clearly, and loudly I might add, she responded…”practice the invocation as you walk out of me.” obvious is that? AND how obvious that spirit had guided me to her. When it came time to open Meredith and Marc’s ceremony 3 hours later, walking the circle while delivering the invocation came with natural grace and ease, for which I am very grateful.

Our Mystery School Hindu teacher, Baba Harihar Ramji officiated the ceremony using a birdbath for the sacred flame of union. Dragonflies swirled over the couple during the blessing, and rose petals rained down on them as they shared a private moment together under an umbrella. Later at the reception after-party it appeared in the circle of empty chairs as if the spirits still danced.