Sometime in the liminal morning hours between the dark and the light, I received a lesson from Babaji about the abundance of Lakshmi. It had something to do with a ritual, but in my dreamtime I couldn’t quite make it out. Then suddenly I heard his voice clearly say, “it’s 5:55, time to get up.” And indeed I woke up!! The alarm went off 5 minutes later. Driving to the Ashram for Satsang I thought I must remember to ask Baba about Lakshmi. Little did I know that I wasn’t going to have to ask.

In his teaching this morning he spoke about the importance of prayer at dawn and dusk, the times when night merges with day, and day merges with night. With these prayers we honor our higher Self, our Guru within, and remember the abundance that we receive from Mother Earth/Lakshmi before we put our feet on the ground in the morning, and remember the abundance we receive during the day/Lakshmi before we retire at night. I couldn’t help but laugh because you see, without fail EVERY single Sunday Baba’s teachings reflect exactly what is coming up for me in the present moment. When Baba asked for our comments as he always does, I had to tell him that he was with me very early this morning and that his voice woke me up at dawn. (According to Google, dawn in San Francisco occurred today at 5:52am).  

It’s becoming part of my ritual when I’m at the Ashram to wander the grounds and the gardens communing with Divine Mother, through the lens of my camera. This morning I was blessed to receive her beauty in the water droplets on leaves, roses, marigolds of multiple colors and a Viceroy butterfly. As if that wasn’t enough, when I was leaving I stopped in the Ashram store looking for a small statue of Lakshmi. There she was, and she hadn’t been there last week when I looked! Now she graces my altar. Thank you Lakshmi, thank you Babaji. Abun-DANCE indeed!!

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Enjoy, and many blessings…