…that once you decide to tackle a project or take a new direction, suddenly information about that topic appears in front of you as if to lead you along? When I decided to climb Kilimanjaro (20 years ago) it seemed like where ever I engaged people, in grocery store or airport lines, on the street or in coffee shops, someone had just climbed it or was about to and had words of advice.

In one week I enter the classroom for my first day of Interfaith Studies at The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) in Berkeley, CA…and wouldn’t you know it? Since I decided to attend ChI, stories about faith and religion or the debate between religion and science, or articles about the BIG existential questions in life are showing up everywhere.

I thought I’d share with you what’s showing up for me:

New York Times – May 5 op-ed by David Brooks, What is Your Purpose – where he says,“…There are fewer places in public where people are talking about the things that matter most. As a result, many feel lost or overwhelmed. They feel a hunger to live meaningfully, but they don’t know the right questions to ask, the right vocabulary to use, the right place to look or even if there are ultimate answers at all.” The article then leads to his website promoting his book “Road to Character” where you’re invited to jump into the conversation with your thoughts.

Interactive – Internet  http://www.diveindeck.com – the Dive In Deck and the Connection Revolution from my beautiful Nine Gates Mystery School friends Heather and Jessie. I’m excited for them and the face-to-face conversations about things that matters most, that they are igniting with this new venture. Mazel Tov!


  • The Water Diviner – with Russell Crowe
  • The Salt of the Earth – the life of documentary photographer Sebastiao Salgado
  • Monk with a Camera – the life of photographer and Buddhist Abbot Nicky Vreeland


  • PBS Sacred Journeys with Author Bruce Feiler – Feb/Mar 2015
  • PBS NOVA – The Great Math Mystery – April 15
  • PBS Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine with Professor Jonathan Phillips – May 2015
  • National Geographic Channel – COSMOS a Space Time Odyssey

I’m very excited to be back in school to learn, grow, stretch, expand my mind and open to new opportunities for realizing and living a purposeful life. Converse with me here…or on Twitter and Instagram @DivineSightDiva

Sun Up on Ring Mountain

Sun Up on Ring Mountain © LjWinston/LjW Divine Sight