Coming Alive – A Photographic Journey

This collection of photographs is about sharing and celebrating my evolution. It’s about coming alive to life and to making the journey from harsh self-criticism to self-love and compassion. It’s about re-engaging creative spirit, and embracing that process through art, poetry and photography. These clusters of images guide you along my journey, my process, as my heartfelt message becomes clear. Don’t sleepwalk through life and wait for a crisis to make a change. Live each day to the fullest, be at Peace with your Self.

Click on an image to scroll through the gallery. All images and prose are © LjW Divine Sight


At first the questioning, the seeking, trying to discover me “out there.”  The linen curtain shields the Great 
Mystery, the empty pathways metaphors for the search. There’s comfort in the aloneness that
 envelopes me as I wander mystical places. 
The path, not always obvious, offers unexpected gifts when I pay attention.


If eyes are the windows of the soul, 
what are windows? 
are symbols of my inward search regaining
 pieces of Self hidden or lost through
 time and disconnectedness. What part of me is in those rooms? 
What fears…what hopes? To dwell in this inner landscape is to acknowledge uncharted or previously 
unaccepted territory.


Flowers, soft light, bright colors all nurture the soul. 
Accepting and embracing the abundance
 and beauty around us helps us to realize
 that the beauty resides within, radiating outward. 
This awakening ignites a renewed 
intimacy with life. 
Universal love exists in the center of a 
flower, the symmetry of a leaf and the 
reflection of a dewdrop. 
I am reconnected once again.


Abstract explosions of light celebrate joy, transformation and wholeness at having reached 50. Captured while dancing along the path of the Botanic Garden’s “ Blossoms of Light” exhibit, these images begin to express my renewed energy and essence. I am grateful to be alive. I have much to offer.

All photographs ©LjWinston – please contact me to purchase prints, or for rights and usage

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