From the moment change presents itself, whether in the form of selling a house and moving, or receiving an upsetting medical diagnosis, we begin to grieve. And yet, so often we don’t allow ourselves the time and space to do so.

From July 12 – Sept 14 in only 62 days I went from being a homeowner of 14 years and resident of Boulder for 22 years, to being a nomad on a new adventure, heading off to the San Francisco Bay area with my most treasured belongings in my car. During a two week transition, staffing Nine Gates Mystery School, I once again jumped into life’s ocean of uncertainty, and amidst the waves of grief that washed over me I began to examine what ‘home’ means. For me home is not necessarily a physical place. It can be where the heart is...AND…one is home, when residing in the hearts of many.  So while I begin to navigate this new ride and observe the grounding force of tiny daily routines, I am ever so grateful for the love and support of so many.

For now, I have landed in Marin County, Corte Madera CA, at the home of Nine Gates Mystery School teachers and founder Gay Luce and David Patten.


Elephant Seals Sparring