Opening Act

When we see with our eyes, we see a reflection of the light.

When we see with our hearts, it is the light.

Colleen Zarba

Embracing the Mystery Through Contemplative Photography

Part 1 – The Nine Gates (Chakras)

  • Can capturing an image through the lens of a camera be a completely embodied experience?
  • Can shifting our energy field have a visible impact on the pictures we take?
  • Can bringing in-the-moment Presence to picture taking be a doorway into sensing the very vibration of an image and its correlation with our inner state of being?
  • Can photography be a window into a direct experience of non-duality?

Come explore the answers to these questions with a group of fellow Mystery School graduates.  For 10 weeks we will use technology and our unique capability to connect deeply over long distances.  We will share an intense journey of looking through the lens of the soul, using photography to deepen our relationship with the mystery.  The nine gates/chakras will be our creative muses… our inspiration.

In our first session together:

  • You will learn a deeply thoughtful process for viewing and creating photos that can be used with any art form.
  • We will share examples of photographs from the masters and you to explore and explain the creative process of contemplative photography.

Each subsequent week we will focus on a single chakra (a specific, embodied vibration), starting with the root chakra and working our way up to transpersonal.

  • Using a uniquely designed creative process “in the field”, you will take photos each week to share in the on-line sessions.
  • During weekly teleconferencing, we will individually share our photographs and what we learned, augmented by our collective sharing of feedback and observations.
  • We will take a unique, facilitated journey together – a leap into the world of images and energy and discovery.