Easter – Passover – Full Blue Moon – April Fools Day

These are powerful and blessed energies that have converged this weekend. Easter, Passover, a Full Blue Moon and even April Fools Day offer us the opportunity for renewal and rebirth; an opportunity to expand our vision and maybe shift our way of seeing. Many people these days are spiritual but not religious, or secular and non-religious. Some have wounds or carry baggage around religion. Some feel the Sacred in nature. I heard this comment the other day and it resonated with me, so I thought I would pass it along and invite your consideration…  “If the word G-O-D triggers you or doesn’t fit your belief system, try replacing it with A-W-E.” I am always looking for new ways to see and experience Spirit in our world. Part of my practice is to be on the lookout for moments of A-W-E and to find beauty in the mundane. When we are able to stop, take a breath and give ourselves a moment to pause and ground, we create space for A-W-E. My gift this very special Sunday is a small collection of photos taken these past few days where I work, at Marin General Hospital.

May we receive this first day of April and every day with gratitude and grace.

Blessings, Rev. Lisa

3 thoughts on “Easter – Passover – Full Blue Moon – April Fools Day

  1. Love and blessings to you and much gratitude for sharing your words and exquisite photos.

    Miss seeing and being with you and let’s see if we can arrange something in the next few months.

    Sending hugs, too!!!


  2. Lisa,
    I take your words into my heart and will carry them with me into this evening and beyond. Thank you!
    I miss seeing you; would love your counsel and good company, but for the distance! Sadly my Tiny House has taken me to North Carolina. Just part of my journey I have to accept.
    Blessings and love!

  3. Thank you Reverend Lisa for an AWE-filled Easter message……….My arms are round you in Love…Aunt Bets

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