Surf’s Up

I am the pounding surf. Ceaseless, repetitive, yet never are two waves the same. The rhythm I keep is both harmonious and cacophonous. I like to mix it up a bit especially when a new or full moon is tugging at my tides. That’s when I swell and unleash my mighty power. Watch out for my sneaker waves and never, ever turn your back on me. Always face me paying close attention. Notice how I’m nibbling away at the shoreline, stirring up the sand creating brown swirls within my iridescent aventurine green swells. Sometimes my waves crest with frothy white foam, and other times the wind creates a delicate ticklish spindrift veil. I do know how to dance this dance, bold and delicate, sensuous and powerful, surging forth, pulling back, falling again and again into myself. I am Mother Ocean energy, ever present, ever rising, ever returning, nourishing and cleansing. Perhaps this is why you come to sit with me on a day like today, the new moon, to help renew and refresh your energy? Other days when I’m calm, I can rock you to sleep on my gentler shores. I notice that you’ve become a connoisseur of my surf, knowing how I break on which beaches and when and where the light shines just so, allowing you to capture that millisecond when the sunrays peak through me as I rise, or glint off me as I recede. What are you looking for in those stolen moments, the perfect curl, the perfect spray or that perfect line? It’s like playing tag isn’t it, to capture that one image that says YES! YES! I am perfect, and powerful and different each time I come to you. How exciting is that? Thank you for playing with me again today. I wonder why there are no surfers out here on me today? Perhaps I’m too fast for them. Come again soon, and remember — breathe in as I recede and out as I crash forth. In — out — in – out – in — out — …aaaahhh….ssssssshhhhhhhh…

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North Beach – Point Reyes CA February 2016


  One thought on “Surf’s Up

  1. Jeanette LoCurto
    February 12, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Lovely! All my senses were there with you.

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