Mr Bart Passes

September 14, 2013

My precious cat, Mr Bart will not become a California kitty. He died suddenly this morning in Colorado. We believe he may have had a heart attack. The family that he has lived with for the past year is devastated, as am I. I was going to pick him up next Sunday to bring him to his new home in California. Now I will be collecting his ashes instead at a later date. Please hold his little kitty spirit in your prayers. Also hold the Davis family and me as we mourn his passing. He was a wonderfully affectionate Zen pussy cat. I am shattered with grief and miss him so. 

Mr Bart

Mr Bart

3 thoughts on “Mr Bart Passes

  1. Dear Lisa;

    Am so sorry for your loss.

    When my last kitty passed, I felt that he was letting me go. His job was done and he was making space for new things to enter my life.

    May these thoughts help you in your transition to a new way of being.

    He will be around as long as you need him.

    With Love, Jan Sent from my iPhone

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